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Sean Brennan, Managing Partner of BCP

Sean F. Brennan, MPS

Baseline Capital Partners, a full service commercial real estate firm, is led by President Sean F. Brennan, whose real estate investment experience extends back to 2013.   Mr. Brennan holds a Master's degree from George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management and a Bachelor's degree in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst University.

Today, Baseline Capital Partners continues to advise landlords, tenants, businesses, and investors on all Commercial Real Estate matters.  Additionally, Baseline Capital invests its principal’s and investors' capital, by continuously creating Limited Liability Companies with the expressed purpose of acquiring undervalued and revenue-generating properties.   With a conservative leverage profile, stabilized assets provide consistent cash flow to generate attractive returns to investor partners.

Through experience and market intelligence, investment prospects are vetted methodically, leverage employed conservatively, and business plans built individually, to create stand-alone entities with the greatest possible foundation of success. 

The investment hold period involves active asset management, designed to enhance returns and identify necessary changes as market conditions continually evolve.  To ensure smooth and expeditious transactions, we value strong relationships with best-in-class professional service providers who facilitate each investment acquisition. 


Acquisition Process:


  • Sourcing:  Professional relationships throughout the metro Detroit market; direct, owner-to-owner discussions, real estate listing services; off-market transactions. 
  • Due Diligence:  We engage our full due diligence team early in the process to conduct a thorough and speedy evaluation of an opportunity
  • Decision-Making:  Streamlined decision-making authority vested with Managing Partner Sean F. Brennan, MPS.
  • Closing:  Our thorough upfront due diligence efforts ensure a smooth, expeditious transaction and minimize standard closing conditions and contingencies.
  • Equity Financing:  Stable, committed investor base of high net worth individuals and family offices.
  • Debt Financing:  Conservative, realistic financing practices, with a preference for borrowing from local banks and other relationship-based lenders.